Eyebrow Implantation Course

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Course Introducing:

This course is one of the most practical and popular courses being held in Tehran Health Complex.

Tehran Health Complex holds this course with a competitive price among other institutes.

Also, teaching all theoretical and practical topics (training on model) is a prominent feature of this educational package.

Audience: Doctors & Paramedics

Eyebrow transplantation:

 Thin hair on the scalp can be used for eyebrow implants. The hair will implanted by ۲۰-۳۰ degrees angle. And the hair is inclined to the middle and tail of the eyebrows.

 In people who have had tattoos, it is better to do eyebrow implants when the tattoo has faded or at least 4 to 6 months have passed since the tattoo or repair and after this time, we will start planting eyebrows.

Eyebrow shape:

The next thing that is very important in eyebrow implantation is the design and shape of the eyebrows, which must be very carefully considered.

In this design, the exact wishes of the patient must be considered because after eyebrow implantation, the location cannot be changed in any way but in a subsequent restorative operation, the thickness and length of the implanted eyebrow can be increased or increased the density of the implanted hair in the first session.

So patients who are going to have eyebrow implants need to know exactly what kind of eyebrows they want to have in the future.

As we mentioned earlier, thin hair is used to repair eyebrows. However, this hair is thicker than natural eyebrow hair.

On the other hand, these hairs have a faster growth rate than natural eyebrow hairs this problem can be solved by shortening the implanted eyebrow hair at any time necessary.

If you need to fill in the eyebrow hair, you can do a restorative operation, for example, by ۵۰ to 80, and with an interval of 8-9 months after the first operation, the restoration can be done.

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This course is one of the most practical and popular courses being held in Tehran Health Complex.

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